Before we begin, I have to give a little background info on this picture above. SO, yesterday at Walmart while shopping, i gave my phone to my 4 year old son so we could peacefully shop.  He looks at me and says hey mom, look at my flower. While we were in a little decor isle with fake flowers my four-year-old took this beautiful photo. It is also unedited, i think he took it in some filter built into iPhone camera but i thought it was gorgeous, he can take better photos than i can at 4.  Go Bentley!

Hey Dolls,

Welcome to my beauty blog 🙂  As per requested by so many interested in my ever changing style I figured this would be a great place to kind of keep all of my eggs in one basket. I plan to share all of my beauty hacks, tips, tricks, advice & photography to anyone who is interested as I enter the world of all things beauty and to share it all with you.


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