Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or paid in anyway or given these items. I bought them all entirely on my own and giving you my true opinion.

First off, Sucky Customer Service

Well, waiting for my items sucked because the company shipped my items via UPS which is basically a postal service that provides you three status’ during the time you buy and receive. Shipped, no clue, and for my case attempted delivery without a paper notice. (I should also add, this is Canada posts fault as well for not leaving me with any information on delivery notices.) That being said, because I live in Canada and UPS is an American postal service I was unable to get answers from tracking number of the different mail carriers here in my city they were “unable to look up an American tracking number on their systems”. Therefore, I had no darn clue where my package was, the only reason I knew it was “Attempted delivery” was because I was paying attention to the online tracking which everyone should do by the way. I literally called every postal service in my city and even UPS themselves who lead me to no answers this is where I was annoyed totally because each carrier told me to contact the seller to look up which carrier it went through after arriving in Canada. I literally attempted almost ten times emailing the service department of Colourpop to ask them where it had been and where I could find it and each email completely ignored my every request and sent me a completely oblivious email from a new person every single time which was super annoying, there also was no contact phone number so i have to admit the customer service is absolutely awful it literally led me no where to the point where i had to give up with them and call Canada post again and kind of trick them by saying hey which shoppers drug mart location is this and gave them the tracking number and luckily they looked it up this time for me. Then i had to pay 2x the customs charges for two boxes which was weird considering I’ve never had to do that on any package before in all my years of online shopping but not Colourpops fault on that one.

First impressions

Anywho, after opening the box the box itself was super cute we were driving home and I was opening everything and all my boyfriend could hear was ooooohhh’s and ahhhhh’s I was super excited because I had heard so many good things about colourpop. I got a bit of a haul but keep in mind I bought so many and got so many free as a promotion they had going on in December so it wasn’t insanely expensive and colourpop is more of an affordable brand as well. So I got 20 of the satin& matte lip, 6 metallic lip, 2 glossy lip, 2 Lippie stix, 6 eyeshadow, 6 cheek.


With the metallics and gloss I really had no intentions on buying either of those kinds because I wasn’t a lover of Metallics and I don’t like to wear gloss lately but I’m sure I can make some kind of look with both. Doing a swatch of both on my hand I notice they both would need go to over a more full coverage lip instead of wearing on its own. The metallics are more sheen and dryer formula where as the gloss is not full coverage and is more of a top coat.

Metallics left to right (Mug shot, Zebra, Kween, My jam, PYT & DM) Gloss left to right (Piranha & Sookie)

The matte and satin lips are my favourite ! I’ve tried most of them and the formulas are beautiful. Some of the darker ones are a little more watery and may need a couple coats while others are perfect. Generally they are pretty thick and full coverage formula which is great there’s no need for more than one coat and stays on a long time and dries quickly. If I do decide to reorder from this company which I might because I do have a free $25 for spending a certain amount I will definitely go with more of these because they are gorgeous. I also really liked the lippie stix and wish I had gotten more colours but I’m sure I will in the future.

Matte & Satin Lip left to right top row (Guess, Embellish, Toolips, Saturday, Femme, Tuesday, Hutch, Notion, Monday, & Wednesday. Bottom row left to right (Privacy, More better, Prim, Thursday, Friday, Trap, Sunday, Marshmallow, Lumiere 2, Baracuda) Lippie stix (Wet, Le freak)

My first impression of these was wow they were so beautiful in person. Online they look awful the colour doesn’t do them justice I mainly ordered these from seeing a Pinterest post on the colours because the colourpop website drowns out the colour.  I noticed after a swatch they are kind of a wet cream consistency which I’m not generally a fan of any cream eye shadows, cheek, contour I’m a powder girl but after doing a look with these I could make it work. Especially the higher pigment sparkle ones are great for laying on top of powder for a dramatic eye look I don’t think I would use these on their own and maybe that’s the purpose anyway.

Eyeshadow left to right top row (Lala, Super shock, So quiche) Bottom (I heart this, Drift, Cricket)

Im going to say my highlighters because that’s what I plan to use them for. Again, same kind of wet texture but I used small amounts and lightly blended on cheeks and it really made a beautiful glow. I loved these !

Cheek left to right top (Might be, Lunch money, Monster) Bottom (Butterfly beach, Smoking’ whistles, Flexitarian)

End note

All in all, even though I had a bad experience with ups, Canada post, customs fees, and their awful customer service I really liked the product itself. I will probably repurchase, expect an import charge and remember Canada post is who deals with it from ups haha. They have good deals on the website usually and I look forward to seeing new product in the future.

Hope this was somewhat informative in making your decision to buy colourpop cosmetics please subscribe to be the first to know about my blog posts. Xoxo.


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