Lets Get Personal

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved everything beauty related. To me, beauty is defined as how you express yourself that makes YOU happy. I feel most beautiful when I show my tattoos, when I wear my hair in ways that aren’t classified as the norm, spending hours enjoying the different faces i create with makeup, and dressing in ways that may be different than others. My beauty style is “different”.

The people who know me say I can pull off so many different styles of clothes, hair, makeup, etc and I express it quite frequently. I enjoy change, and I enjoy being different. Due to always changing, I usually attract a wide audience in those around me who ask me how to achieve a certain look, and I love helping others. Sometimes I can get lost in limbo of all different types of social media so I figured a website of my own to use as my main focal point would be a great way to sort my thoughts as well as make it easily accessible and the likelihood of quick response for my interested friends.

I’m hoping to share with you my thoughts and opinions on all beauty related topics i hopes that maybe I can even help just one person 🙂

Love to all xo,